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Nick Allum wrote:

> Yes I was looking to see if anyone here has this implemented and if they
> could point me to some additional documentation samples on the DNS side.
> Thanks Nick
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I have both dk-milter and dkim-milter running for the domain I manage its Postfix 2.3.6 MTA - but our Dutch ISP, xs4all, 
does the DNS for us - including (like me dragging a horse to the water) 
adding 2 necessary Domainkeys/DKIM TXT RRs (I got them that far, but 
couldn't get them to add a policy TXT RR). Anyone from xs4all on this 
list/in this group?

Postfix 2.3 has been coded to implement a subset of Sendmail's milter code.

The milter packages (in ANSI C) are those from the Sourceforge Sendmail 
project and the documentation and examples are very comprehensive, 
including the draft specs, can be followed to the letter.
There are other dk-milter and dkim-milter packages (mostly in Perl) and 
personally I avoid the like the pest. For the Sourceforge packages 
there's an extremely helpful mailing list - helped me, anyway.


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