it would be nice if NXDOMAIN zonoes could be configured

Danny Thomas d.thomas at
Wed Jan 17 23:05:45 UTC 2007

there's at least two situations when I'd like to be able to 
add a zone, but instead of using a zone file have bind
return an (authoritative) NXDOMAIN

1) for domains involved in phishing and other nefarious
   purposes. This is to protect hosts on our network.
   At present we use an empty zone, but in some ways it
   would be nicer if NXDOMAIN was returned

2) for domains which represent unwanted delegations, e.g.
   belonging to ex-clients who are no longer interested in
   the domain. Unfortunately registries/registrars in general 
   do not recognize operators of name-servers they make
   delegations to and do not offer any process whereby said
   operators can have unwanted delegations removed, e.g. APNIC
     "we merely operate a database, the content is not our

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