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Thu Jan 18 18:12:47 UTC 2007

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If you can afford a spare DNS-server, serve the file on one server
and slave it to the other.

The slave file is perfect and looks better than "dig axfr".
No need to delete the 2nd SOA entry.

If you can slave on your master then you can slave directly to
the place you need them. Just turn slave into master when you
are done and comment or delete the "masters" entry.

Kind regards
Peter and Karin

Forrest Aldrich wrote:
| I've inherited a slew of DNS zonefiles which need to be cleaned up -
| mostly formatting.
| I can use tools like dnslint to indentify errors; however, I wonder if
| someone has a slick hack (script, regex) that can be utilized to run
| through and reformat the zonefiles (forward and reverse) to get them in
| order and tidy.
| Thanks.

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