"named" startup on Fedora Core 6 (/etc/init.d/named)

Forrest Aldrich forrie at forrie.com
Thu Jan 18 18:47:38 UTC 2007

[ rant: I'm not always a fan of complex startup scripting, and this is 
probably one good example... ]
It appears /etc/init.d/named on Fedora Core 6 (and subsequently 
/etc/sysconfig/named) doesn't start up BIND in a way you might expect, 
even if you explicitly set OPTIONS in the sysconfig/named file -- it 
prevents named from writing it's slave files (yes, permissions/ownership 
are correct):

    OPTIONS="-u named -c /etc/named.conf"


    Jan 18 08:35:18 ns named: _default/de-archive.domain.tld/IN: file
    not found  (huh??)
    Jan 18 08:37:29 ns named: zone subdom.domain.tld/IN: loading master
    file slaves/subdom.domain.tld: file not found

.. which can be fixed if I just "touch" the file (with the correct 

Alas, if I just start it up by hand:

    /usr/sbin/named -u named -c /etc/named.conf

no problems... zones transferred.

I wonder if someone knows what the issue is... 


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