logging config no longer working as expected

Michael Bernhardt MBernha at bart.gov
Fri Jan 19 17:28:49 UTC 2007

Thanks! So in relation to my other question about SERVFAIL messages, which
category do those fall into? I tried "resolver" but it didn't work. This DNS
server is optioned to forward-only, if it matters.

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> I'm running 9.3.3. We have a lot of windows clients who are occasionally
> trying to register with our internal name servers. As I don't care and
> need to know, I had the following implemented in BIND 9.2.3 and it worked,
> but now it doesn't and I see the complaints again in var/log/messages
> denied updates.
> logging {
> // ignore all "client" errors-- failed dynamic updates, etc.
> category client { "null"; };
> };
> Is there a change in syntax I need to make and if not, what's going on?
> Thanks in advance!

1301.   [func]          New category 'update-security'.
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