Bind 9 resolver timeout and ncache behaviour

Barry Margolin barmar at
Sun Jan 28 14:36:11 UTC 2007

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 "Stefan Puiu" <stefan.puiu at> wrote:

> > (4) The client's resolver probably has a longer timeout than the caching
> > named.  When the caching named has a timeout what does the caching named
> > return to the client's resolver - nothing or an error message?

> Regarding 4, I guess that's also easy to try - however, it's not a
> rule that the stub resolver times out last, sometimes it can time out
> before BIND. When BIND times out first, I would expect an NXDOMAIN
> answer to be sent.

I would expect SERVERR.  NXDOMAIN should only be returned when an 
authoritative server (or a forwarder that you're proxying through) 
returns an NXDOMAIN code.

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