Consistent error message in named.log [RESOLVED]

Worsham, Michael michael.worsham at
Tue Jul 3 12:10:50 UTC 2007

We fixed it our named.log problem. 

It seems two of our HP-UX ILOs was attempting to register its name via
Dynamic DNS (something that is usually disabled when we first provision
the servers). When I talked to our network admin, he said that the IP
address the units were coming from were no longer being used directly,
so we actually found it was being forwarded through our Cisco PIX on
another IP address table -- thus causing the strange IP address. After
we narrowed down the MAC addresses, we were then able to find the
conflicting device, login via the web interface and disable the Dynamic
DNS registration checkbox.

Thanks all for the help. The 'rndc querylog' actually did show the
attempts for when the conflicting IP address tried to update. We also
found that adding 'print-category yes;' & 'print-severity yes;' also
helped narrowing down the culprits.

-- Michael

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