How is Bind 9.5.0

Clenna Lumina savagebeaste at
Thu Jul 5 16:53:11 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews wrote:
>> Mark Andrews napsal(a):
>>> No.  BIND 9.5.0 is *not* released.  BIND 9.5.0a5 is available.
>>> When BIND 9.5.0 is released there won't be "a", "b" or "rc"
>>> following the zero.
>>> Imprecise indentification of versions causes lots of problem.
>>> Mark
>> Hm, we could discuss what exactly "released" means :) I think
>> development versions (alpha or beta) are also releases (unstable
>> releases of course).
> Adam, you are missing the point.  There will be a product
> called "BIND 9.5.0".  That product does not yet exist.
> Saying BIND 9.5.0a5 is BIND 9.5.0 is like saying pi is 3.0.
> Both are false statements and it repeating them does change
> that fact that they are false.

I think the real point is that saying "9.5.0" in a general sense would 
likely refer to the current release, stable or not. It might be better 
to say something like just "9.5" or "9.5.x" or "9.5*" to denote a 


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