Question on views

JD Bronson jbronson at
Thu Jul 5 20:26:43 UTC 2007

dont forget you can selectively choose or exclude 
certain IPs from either view...

For example:

// Begin internal Zone information //

view "internal" {
   match-clients { !192.168.1/24; 127/8; 10.43.82/24; };
That would exclude the 192.168.1 network from this view but
permit the other matches.

I didnt follow this entire thread but maybe what 
your looking to do could be done this way?

At 01:25 PM 7/5/2007 -0600, you wrote:
>My understanding is you are right.  I suppose 
>you want to let some zones out of the view in 
>order to have the same responses for that zone 
>no matter who is asking, if so you just have to 
>configure the same file for the same zone in all views.
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>It is my understanding that if you use "views" that it is an all or
>nothing setup. If I have multiple zones in my named.conf file I can't
>selectively choose which zones get to use views and which ones don't,
>correct? I have to either use views for all or for none, am I right in
>Thanks for the advice,

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