after Journal Log truncate, axfr happens or ixfr happens?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jul 6 06:00:22 UTC 2007

> Hi all,
>  If i mention max-journal-size is 10K and have a journal log file of
> size 15 K. So after 15 min it get truncated to 9-10K. Till before that
> secondary server will do ixfr. But after this truncation what will
> happen? He(primary) will not have full information in the jnl file. What
> is the time interval for zone transfer? Does he still ignore the moved
> RRs(to db file) and do ixfr or somehow identify truncated data and do a
> AXFR. Does it have any impact. Basically I am trying to understand what
> it does together. 
> Thanks for your help,
>   -"kalyan"

	If the master doesn't have the requested starting serial
	in the journal and the requested serial is less than the
	current serial then a AXFR style IXFR response will be
	returned.  Otherwise a delta style IXFR response will be
	returned or a up to date style response will be returned
	depending apon whether the requested starting serial is
	less then the current serial or not.

	This is basic IXFR response behaviour and is independent
	of the DNS vendor.

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