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David Carmean dlc at
Fri Jul 6 20:24:02 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 04:39:19PM +1000, Mark Andrews wrote:

> [ dlc wrote: ]
> > Which config, exactly, "breaks stub zones"?  

> 	The NS query response doesn't return additional data if
> 	"minimal-response yes;" is set.  Stub zones require the
> 	additional data (glue) to be sent.
> 	A stub slave could work around this by querying for the
> 	address records of nameservers that are at or below the
> 	stub zone name using the addresses in the masters clause.

I wonder, then, why my config is working OK.  I just performed a 
test with a new BIND-9.4 recursive server configured with stub zone 
clauses pointing at my production servers; these are the production servers 
with "minimal-response yes" set.  I captured a packet trace as the 
test 9.4 server started up, and it seems to have behaved as you suggest 
above: When the test server recived a minimal/no-glue response to it's SOA 
query for the stub zone (, for example), it re-queried 
the same master for NS records.  (Interestingly, the second query was 

I then asked the test server for a name in a zone delegated elsewhere 
(, delegated to another group), 
and it followed the delegation and returned the correct reply.

The production servers are BIND-9.3.0.

> 	Alternatively priming query exception could be extended to
> 	all NS queries not just those for the root.  The later would
> 	be a case of removing the test for the root zone.
> 2110.   [bug]           "minimal-response yes;" interacted badly with BIND 8
>                         priming queries. [RT #16491]

I suppose only BIND Forum members have access to this RT system?  How was this 
bug resolved?

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