Different IP's for same FQDM

Al Sparks data345 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 01:54:35 UTC 2007

On our internal network we have the need to return separate IP
addresses for the same FQDN based on what VLAN you're on.  I already
have views enabled on our server.  That means returning a separate
zone file for each view.  But with all these different views, I don't
want to have to populate each view with all the other zones that would
be common to each VLAN.

Ideally, the DNS would do something like this (consider this pseudo
code with non-standard characters used for readability):

   view "inside-1"
     matches VLAN1
     Has a zone "blah1.subdomain.local"

   view "inside-2"
      matches VLAN2
	Has a zone "blah1.subdomain.local" (but a different db file)

   view "inside-3"
 	Has a zone "blah1.subdomain.local" (but a different third db file)
      Matches "VLAN3"

   View "internal"
	Matches all VLANs
	Has lots of different zones, but no "blah1.subdomain.local"

If someone in VLAN1 tries to resolve a name in one of the zones
located in the "internal" view, how do we get it to answer up with
zones in the "internal" view w/o placing all those zones in the
"inside-1" view?
    === Al

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