Notifies are too slow in bind 9.4.1

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Sun Jul 15 13:59:30 UTC 2007


I have two questions regarding the behaviour of bind 9.4.1

I have a primary running bind 9.4.1 and a few secondaries. In case of server failure, I switch the IP of the primary to another server which is working very, but there is still one problem:

When I boot the other server in order to be the new primary, it is sending notifys for all zones to all the secondaries. No problem with that, but even if the notifies are showing up immedietly in its notify.log, it is sending the noties not in the same moment, but one after the other over a great amount of time.
Sniffing the networktraffic and looking in the logfiles of the secondaries shows, that the primary is sending only the notifies for one zone in nearly three seconds.

These nearly three seconds are a constant value, no matter how big a zone is or how many secondaries are to be notified.

So my first question is: Is there a way to speed this up? Let the primary send the notifies more quickly?

Most of these notifies are ignored by the secondaries because they allready have the newest zone-data. But this process is taking a lot of time.
I have about 13 thousend zones and so it take about 10 hours(!) to get through with these unnecessary notifys.

Now the problem:
If there is actually a update within these ten hours, then the primary logs a notify for that update, but won't send it before the ten hours are over!
So if I start the primary, for about ten hours no secondary will get any update!

So my second question is: Is there a way to put new notifys not at the end of the queue but at the beginning?


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