Basic bind capacity question

Adam Tkac atkac at
Thu Jul 19 10:00:00 UTC 2007

Mike Toler napsal(a):
> I'm just trying to get some basic capacity ratings for my Bind 9.4 DNS
> Server setup, and I think I must be doing something wrong.
> No matter how many threads I have attempting to perform lookups (even
> spread across multiple machines) I'm seeing throughput of approximately
> 30 DNS lookups per second.  That seems ridiculously small to me.
> It also seems like I can only have around 5 simultaineous queries (i.e.
> if I spawn any more than 5 threads, the extra ones timeout).  
> If I run one thread, I can get 30 DNS lookups per second.  If I run 2
> threads, I get about 15. yada-yada.
> I can even spread the threads over multiple machines, and they still
> only total up to about 30 lookups per second.
> My DNS server is a 4-CPU/1.6 ghz machine with about 16 gig of ram.
> Michael Toler
> System Test Engineer
> Prodea Systems, Inc.
> 214-278-1834 (office)
> 972-816-7790 (mobile)
Interesting. How did you test it? I tested performance of bind 9.4 on my 
local computer (only about 30 RRs) with queryperf utility (shipped with 
bind in contrib subdirectory) about two weeks ago and result was about 
12000 queries per second if I remember correctly (I have 2x 1,8 GHz 
machine). Are you using some database backend?


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