Basic bind capacity question

Adam Tkac atkac at
Thu Jul 19 14:15:04 UTC 2007

Mike Toler napsal(a):
> Yes, I'm using a postgres DB backend.  Using a single instance of the
> queryperf tool and a DB of ~120,000 entries, I'm getting 40 qps.
> Michael
If you query BIND with same RR (for example 50000 queries which asks to 
RR which is stored in database) and you still have about 40qps it looks 
you have misconfigured cache (your clients aren't allowed to access it)  
so named have to search,search, search and this takes much time 
(especially when you have 120,000 RRs). If you're using Dynamic Loadable 
Zones (DLZ) postgres driver and you asks for different RRs it's possible 
that this could completely degrades answer performance (because named 
have to always asks postgres)


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