Bind+DLZ writing huge number of logs to /var/log/messages. Impacting capacity.

Adam Tkac atkac at
Fri Jul 20 12:08:03 UTC 2007

Mike Toler napsal(a):
> Ok, I think I'm onto the culprit here for my capacity issues, but I just
> don't understand what is going on.
> I have built a test Postgres database with ~130k entries in it.  Each
> entry looks like:
> test-172-X.YYY.ZZZ, where x is 1 or 2, YYY is 1 to 255 and ZZZ is 1 to
> 255.
> When I do a query, I get the correct response from Bind:
> 	nslookup
> 	Server:         <ip>
> 	Address:        <ip>#53
> 	Name:
> 	Address:
> However, in the /var/log/message file, I see a huge number lines of
> "errors" for that lookup.  Did I somehow build bind so that it's debug
> level is always turned on?   I've tried starting it with "named -d 0",
> I've removed all logging info from my /etc/named.conf.  Before I removed
> all the log related lines from my named.conf, these logs all had "error"
> listed as their log level.
> Anyone got any ideas?
How did you build your bind? (what environment variables you set, what 
parameters did you pass to configure)


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