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 From "The Online Etymological Dictionary"

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The quote below comes from the link, I hope it is ok to actually quote this:

licence <> Look up 
licence at <>
    1362, "liberty (to do something), leave," from O.Fr. licence, from
    L. licentia "freedom, liberty, license," from licentem (nom.
    licens). prp. of licere "to be allowed, be lawful," from PIE base
    *leik- "to offer, bargain." Meaning "formal (usually written)
    permission from authority to do something" (marry, hunt, drive,
    etc.) is first attested 1433. Meaning "excessive liberty, disregard
    of propriety" is from c.1450. The verb is first attested 1398.
    Licence is preferred for the noun, license for the verb, on model of
    advice/advise, etc.

This web page is one of my favorites,  it can be very useful.

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