Error When installing Debug version of BIND

Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Jul 23 14:09:48 UTC 2007

X.P.Pratibha wrote:
> Hi There
>      When I try to install Debug version of BIND "BIND9.4.1.debug" , I am
> getting the following error message :
> "The Dynamic Link library  MFC80D.dll could not be found in the specified
> path"
> And I couldn't find MFC80D.dll in my machine too. I have installed Visual
> Studio .NET 2003 in my PC ?
> Can any one help me out. Thanks in advance.
> XP Pratibha

That DLL is from VS 2005. They may not have included the right DLL's in
the zip file. Is there a particular reason why you are installing the
debug version?


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