bind 9.4.1: bug or feature?

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at
Tue Jul 24 13:46:19 UTC 2007

> Tom Schmitt napsal(a):
> > and added the following
> > statement to my named.conf:
> >
> > zone "xyz.local" {
> >         type forward;
> >         forwarders {;; };
> >         forward only;
> > };
> >   
> > A networkscan revealed that named don't even try to ask one of the
> > forwarders.

> Did you try increase debug level (rndc trace 99) and after there reload?

No. I log only the message-severity info and worse. I didn't increase the debuglevel because the server is under heavy load and even logging only severity info means lots of GB each day.

> Also 
> check if your firewall doesn't blocks responses from forwarders (capture 
> outgoing and incomming network traffic with tcpdump or dnscap and check 
> if queries going correctly to forwarder and if your server recieves 
> response)

As I wrote above: I did a networktrace and saw that my server didn't send any packet to the forwarders (so it can't be a problem on the firewall-side).

The problem is reproducible. If I add onother forward-zone I have the same problem. It isn't working till I add a NS-record according to that zone. No matter what the record is pointing to.

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