not resolving from some places?

Karl Auer kauer at
Wed Jul 25 13:37:37 UTC 2007

Hi there.

This name resolves from outside our organisation, but not from within
our organisation. It also resolves via our organisation's nameservers
when the query comes from outside.


   from outside, "dig works.
   from outside, "dig works
   from inside, "dig" doesn't work.

When it fails I usually get a timeout, sometimes a SERVFAIL after
several seconds. is a CNAME pointing to resolves promptly every time, from inside or

A trace shows the nameservers for        85851   IN      NS        85851   IN      NS

The nameservers for are:          86248   IN      NS          86248   IN      NS          86248   IN      NS

Explicit queries to these nameservers (all of them) work - from inside
or outside. Explicit queries to these nameservers (all of them) issued
from a shell while logged on to our nameservers still work. However,
from inside our network, queries going via our nameservers do not work

So I'm mystified. I feel it has to have something to do with our
network, but why would just this domain have this particular problem?

Regards, K.

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