Bind dual zones?

Tim Hibbard hibbard at
Fri Jul 27 12:37:23 UTC 2007


Forgive me for I not to greatly knowledgeable with Bind.  My experience 
encompasses adding zones, cnames, anames and modifing the SOA.   Our 
university (Ohio University) is experiencing growing pains DNS wise.  We 
have two domains and  While I'm not the person that 
handles the DNS I am part of a committee to help resolve the following 

It has become a burden for the DNS team to create new DNS zone.  If a 
user asks for the administrator has to do a dual entry 
in two different zones.  One for and one for  Is there a way to overcome this problem so when we add that "something" is created to point to 
the same address?

Any examples or feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Please remember 
I'm a realiative newbie to Bind ;)

Thanks in advance,

Tim Hibbard


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