manual update of slave zones?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Jul 27 22:37:44 UTC 2007

Tollefsen, Lyle wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to create a slave zone that can't be updated dynamically,
> that must be updated by hand, and not have to worry about the refresh
> timeout?  We have a number of zones that we will be secondary for, but
> don't want to trust the keepers of the master zone files to present to
> us safe dynamic updates. What are my options here? 
The master/slave relationship is one of replication, not Dynamic Update. 
If your "slaves" don't end up with exact copies of what's on the master 
-- whether that data is "safe" or not -- at the end of every successful 
refresh cycle, then they're not slaves at all; the term "slave" is the 
wrong one to use for such nameservers. You shouldn't even be in the NS 
records for these zones if you're serving up different versions of them 
than the other authoritative nameservers. It's a recipe for disaster for 
the authoritative nameservers of a given zone to persistently give out 
inconsistent answers.

If you want to host *different* versions of these zones, with a 
mutually-exclusive set of NS records than the "real" versions, then set 
the zones up as "master" on one of your nameservers and "slave" on the 
others. Then it would be up to you whether to update the zones by hand, 
by Dynamic Update, from a database, or however. You might want to 
consider periodically scanning the "real" versions of the zones, to pick 
up the changes, and then pass the incremental differences through a 
manual approve/disapprove process before committing them.

                                    - Kevin

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