Are underscores no longer supported in Bind 9.4?

Tony Earnshaw tonni at
Thu Mar 1 05:04:52 UTC 2007

Bill Larson wrote, on 01. mar 2007 04:54:


>> Haven't begun with 9.4 yet, but shall do shortly. Are underscores
>> permitted in TXT records? I'm thinking of things like Kerberos and
>> Domainkeys/DKIM TXT records.
> Come on, there is a difference between "hostnames" with an "A" record 
> and "TXT" records.  This is an argument from the early BIND-8 days.  At 
> least seven years old.
> Please, if you are managing a DNS operation, maybe for Kerberos, you 
> need to understand the DNS that you are managing.  Do a little 
> studying.  (You have the exact same issue with "SRV" records used by 
> Microsoft Active Directory also.  The AD records/domains specifically 
> include underscore characters.)

Possibly. Keep things on the list, if you please.


Tony Earnshaw
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