BIND sending quesries to

Wiley Sanders bind at
Thu Mar 1 17:52:52 UTC 2007

Thanks for the reply. Of course, nothing prevents anyone from handing
out in an NS record. (Except for good manners.) I should
have thought of that. Right now,  I get a timeout when I dig for, which is what should happen. Perhaps they stopped
giving out as their IP only a few days ago, and it's still

I need to reread the RFC and figure out whether I need to convince the
people running my routers that is not a routable IP address.
Solaris, and probably a lot of other OS, will route everything on
127./8 except via the default route. For now, I can
blackhole all of 127 easily enough on each host. In fact for a host
standing al alone on the net, that's probably a good thing to add to
the list of post configuration things to do.


> The problem is that stopped its services on jan 1st, 2007. In
> the beginning of january, the NS RR in were replaced by
> "IN NS". This explains why requests are sent out using this
> address.

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