Are underscores no longer supported in Bind 9.4?

Michael Milligan milli at
Fri Mar 2 00:35:50 UTC 2007

Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 16:37 +1100 3/1/07, Mark Andrews wrote:
>> 	Similarly for SRV, using underscore moves the records out of
>> 	the hostname space.
> What is often misunderstood is the difference between a domain name 
> and a (DNS) host name.  Host names are constrained by rules in RFC 
> 1123 to basically letters, digits, etc. (you can read the spec for 
> details).  All DNS host names are domain names but not vice versa.

This confusion is also compounded by the fact that Microsoft allowed
underscore characters in computer names (NetBIOS carryover) until
recently.  So did Apple prior to OS X.

I've been convinced by various arguments over the years that the
server-side of DNS is the wrong place to enforce this.


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