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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Mar 8 22:11:16 UTC 2007

	info at is looked at.  stenn at had forwarded
	it to webmaster at  ticket 15920.

	You should have got a automated response from webmaster at
	That feeds into the operations' ticketing system.  Looking
	at the queue I can see that your ticket is 16245.

	I've added the top part to the ticket.


> The version of ntp listed on the ISC web-site is seriously out of date.
> If you follow the links you will get to
> which does list the current stable/development versions.
> Who do I contact about the ISC web-site?
> No webmaster or similar contact point is listed.
> Maybe the process by which versions are displayed on the main
> software page needs revisiting, though it always seems the version
> of bind is promptly updated, presumably because the individuals
> involved can make it happen.
> When going to the main page,
> and clicking "Software" in the left menu pane
> Then clicking "NTP" from the sub-menu,
> Then clicking "Software" does not take you back to the main page
> as I think it should. I think this is just another symptom
> of the way the URL displayed by the browser rarely changes
> when moving between pages, e.g. if you want to copy/paste
> the URL for a specific page (you have to go back to the page
> which had the link you clicked on). I'm going to leave the subject
> of aesthetics alone...
> From: Danny Thomas <d.thomas at>
> To: paul at, webmaster at
> Cc: c.teakle at
> Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 08:02:33 +1000
> Subject: ISC web-page not keeping up to date wrt to ntp version
> I've tred reporting this previously, but to no avail, I also
> asked David Mills who disclaimed any involvement. I'm trying
> "webmaster at" which I could not find on any of the pages
> I looked at, which is why my original email was sent to
> info at
> NB, under the first item in the software section (updated
> to include bind-9.4.0) still has "NTP 4.2.2". The 4.2.2 news item
> has moved off the first page; in any case since software releases
> don't qualify as news items, ignore item 1 in email below.
> PS I hate the way clicking links on the ISC site takes you to a
> different page, but the browser URL does not change.
> From: Danny Thomas <d.thomas at>
> To: info at
> Cc: stenn at
> Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 10:01:49 +1000
> Subject: who's responsible for updating ISC web-pages for ntp ?
> perhaps someone from the ntp group is supposed to initiate updates to
> the web-site, but ...
> 1) "Recent Press" on the front page mentions "Release NTP 4.2.2"
>    and maybe there was no equivalent news item for the 4.2.4 release ?
> 2) the "Downloads" section of the NTP page lists "2003-10-15: NTP 4.2.0
>    (ftp) (http)". I think this should be kept up to date, or just leave
>    the "Download page" link ?
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