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Andrea wrote:
> hallo
> sorry, i speak English just a little...
> when i query (with nslookup) some site on my answer immediatly.
> When I query other site (example it answer (first query)
> DNS request timed out.
>     timeout was 2 seconds.
> at the SECOND query on the same answer correctly.
> I think that if it can use "more time" can answer at the first query.

I think the problem is your isp. Their open resolver is answering to slowly.
best get rid of them and use bind as a resolver.

look into your named.conf and find lines with "forwarder" and make them
a comment. The line should look like "# forwarders ..."
or "// forwarders ..." now.

be shure to have something like

# zone "." in {
#   type hint;
#   file "root.hint";
# };

I have made this a comment because I am using an italian root-server:

zone "." in {
   type slave;
   file "";
   masters {; port 3001; };

please be shure that nslookup is using bind and not you isp.

Somewhere windows does get its dns servers "automatically via dhcp)"
or you can put in two nameservers manually. Here you must put in
you bind.

The line

masters {; port 3001; };

Tells bind to slave the root-zone from;  from host port 53, the normal dns port. port 3001; or from host port 3001.

Nowadays isp are blocking port 53 and open resolvers. That is why
we had to move this one to another port.

Open resolvers are attacked or used for attacking. That is why
best get rid of them and run you own.

Kind regards
Peter and Karin Dambier

> "Danny Mayer" <mayer at> ha scritto nel messaggio 
> news:est5ct$2ajg$1 at
>>Andrea wrote:
>>>when i query my always try to answer me in two seconds.
>>>Is possible to enlarge this measure to...10 seconds?
>>>I use Bind 9.4 on Windows.
>>>I can put "something" in boot.options?
>>>Thank you to all
>>I'm not really sure what this question means. What is the real issue
>>that you are trying to resolve. Maybe looking at the symptoms of what
>>you are seeing will help us answer the question.

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