bind 9.4.0 assertion failure on Solaris 8

Thomas Egrelius thomas at
Mon Mar 19 16:09:12 UTC 2007


Just curious if someone else have seen these error messages in the
'general' log?

16-Mar-2007 23:21:39.085 critical: adb.c:503: INSIST((rdtype == ((dns_rdatatype_t)dns_rdatatype_a)) || (rdtype == ((dns_rdatatype_t)dns_rdatatype_aaaa))) failed
16-Mar-2007 23:21:39.085 critical: exiting (due to assertion failure)

The system is:

- Bind 9.4.0
- Solaris 8 sparc

System is running as a recursive resolver only, having dnssec enabled and
trusting the .se key:

I got the entries in the general log last week. So far first and only
time, and only on the system having dnssec enabled. We also have several
other systems running 9.4.0 with dnssec *disabled* and haven't seen this
on those systems.

At the moment I don't have much details about what happened when bind died
with this message. In the relevant logs all looks normal, and bind didn't
dump any core. I will keep an eye open to see if it happens again.


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