Wildcard Q/A

AF af.at.work at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 13:33:50 UTC 2007

I have a wildcard A record setup and pointed to my web server.. for

*.bar.com. IN A

The web site on this server responds to any request and builds the
pages based on their URL (foo.bar.com, me.bar.com, etc.)

I can also setup CNAMEs to do the same.. for example:
*.foo.com. IN CNAME *.bar.com.

This gives different pages & URLs too (abc.foo.com, def.foo.com, etc.)

Is there a preferred way to manage that first wildcard? Why should I
*not* do this? I have read mixed reviews about its use. Really, could
I just have a regular A record (www.bar.com. IN A and then
have the wildcard CNAME pointed to it? Same end result?

Thanks All.

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