domain names not resolving

Jeff Lasman blists at
Thu Mar 22 14:53:13 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 02:14 am, Lucien GENTIS wrote:

> It could be a problem in case of a host which should use this DNS
> server for name resolving
> and have "dns, files" in its nsswitch.conf.
> Wouldn't any call to localhost be resolved to instead
> of ?

Notice the lack of trailing dot on "localhost"; the nameserver will 
return only for calls to "".  
While many zonefiles continue to have a localhost.<domain> construct 
I'm not sure that anything ever uses it, even if anything ever did.

> >> In addition, if ns0 corresponds to ,
> >> I think www and mail must have CNAME records instead of A record
> >> since they correspond to the same IP address.

There are almost no advantages to using CNAME to point to a field in the 
same zone (the only advantage is that you'll only have to change the 
IP# once if/when you ever have to change the IP# in the zonefile), and 
one major disadvantage; every lookup for (for example www) becomes two 

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