Round-Robin Multiply record & 1 IP

Wael Shahin wael.shahin at
Thu Mar 22 15:46:15 UTC 2007

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>>> Client's must receive only 1 IP from this list (RR), but not all with RR
>>> rotation.
>> Am sorry if i am missing something but why do you need round-robin since 
>> you are going to return a fixed IP address everytime?
>> are you aware of the rrset-order order fixed;
> No. I must receive every time another  IP address from pool, but not all.

I understand you have been trying to resolve the record by using nslookup or 
dig which returns all of the A records in the round-robin. is that true?
"Round-Robin.  authoritative name server for the name, when requested the IP 
address for that name, returns more than one RR, associating in this way 
more than one IP address to the domain name. Name servers, when queried by a 
client resolver for this domain name, return one of these IP addresses in a 
Round-Robin fashion, distributing the workload of that domain evenly among 
all the IP addresses"


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