domain names not resolving

Jeff Lasman blists at
Fri Mar 23 01:59:42 UTC 2007

On Thursday 22 March 2007 03:36 pm, Kevin Darcy wrote:

> No, only 1 query is necessary: both the CNAME and the associated A
> record(s) will be returned in the Answer Section of the response.

Thanks for the clarification, Kevin.

> Another big advantage of using CNAMEs, even in the same zone, is that
> if you have only 1 "official" A record for any given address, with
> all other references being CNAMEs to that name, then there is zero
> ambiguity about where the reverse record for the address should
> point.

Another good point. In our hosting business we initially set rDNS for 
all IP#s pointing to a given server for that server's hostname.  Then 
we allow changes by whomever is responsible for the server.

(We do what we do as a shortcut for our support folk; that way they can 
use two digs to find the host a recalcitrant domain may be running on; 
they don't have to resort to our database.)

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