Best practices sanity check

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Tue Mar 27 18:20:53 UTC 2007

Those are good.

*9) Always make sure that zones delegating subdomains have EXACTLY THE
SAME list of name servers for a delegated domain as the delegated zones
on the name servers to which they are delegating (which of course should
all have the same list!).  Make sure that delegating zones have A
records for any name servers whose names are actually in the delegating
domain or its subdomains.

*10) Make sure that all reverse DNS is correctly set up, using RFC 2317
techniques if necessary.

*11) Make sure that there is some way besides the e-mail address in the
SOA record to get in touch with the domain maintainers.  For private
domains, this could be an internal list.  For "externally facing" DNS
servers, this could be registration with a WHOIS server, or a listing on
a Web server, or TXT records, with or without an RP ["responsible
person"] record.  If possible, make sure that the information persists
even if the name servers which you support go down.

Probably others as well, those are the ones about which I've been
griping recently.  ;-)

Joe Yao
Analex Contractor

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