9.4 enabling INTERNAL MALLOC at runtime

Jeffrey Reasoner jeff.reasoner at mail.hccanet.org
Wed Mar 28 03:16:10 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 17:33, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > I am aware that this is an option with bind 9.4, and expected that the
> > syntax to turn it on would be relatively easy to find. However after
> > searching the ARM, MARC, googling, and checking the installed manpages
> > as well as those on isc.org, I am unable to track this down.
> > I suspect it is implemented as the -m argument to named, but this
> > doesn't seem to appear in the docs.
> > Has the documentation possibly not been updated in this regard? Also,
> > what is the syntax to turn this on at runtime?
> 	It is enabled where appropriate.  There are multiple memory
> 	contexts inside of named. Some (most) enable internal malloc,
> 	others don't.
> 	Mark

So simply compiling and installing bind 9.4.0 with no additional steps
will cause named to run in substantially the same manner as say 9.3.2-P2
with ISC_MEM_USE_INTERNAL_MALLOC enabled in mem.c?

If this is the case, ISC may wish to consider the statement in the
changelog that it is "runtime selectable". Absent any other explanation,
this lead me to believe that I would still need to specifically enable
it, just that I would have the option to do so after compiling. I
suspect that others would reach a similar conclusion.

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