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Sat Mar 31 14:37:38 UTC 2007

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> I am having a problem with DHCP-enabled clients on my test network.
> The servers are running on the domain while the DHCP-enabled
> clients are on the domain. The DHCP computers get
> domain names of The DNS server is named
> This server also runs the DHCP service. These
> computers are having problems pinging the computers on the
> domain. The version for BIND is 9.3.2-P1.
> - ping from to works
> - ping from to dns fails

This is not something you configure in the server.  Automatic appending 
of a domain suffix is something you configure in the client's resolver, 
by specifying a Domain Search List.  If you want "dns" to resolve to 
"" you have to set the search list to "".

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