High load on primary

Tom Schmitt TomSchmitt at gmx.de
Thu May 3 13:26:10 UTC 2007


I use Bind 9.3.4 and have a load-problem on my primary DNS-Server.

Each morning I have for about three hours a huge amount of dynamic updates 
in serveral zones. This alone is no problem.

But I also have several secondaries which all want IXFRs after every update.
These IXFRS seem to produce such a high load on my primary, that several 
dynamic-updates get a "timed out" (and the ISC-DHCP only try the update once),
so some PC have no DNS-entry and therefore have a problem.

Now my question is how to reduce the CPU-load on my primary. I cannot reduce
the number of dynamic updates nor the number of secondaries.

My first try was to add the line "transfers-per-ns 1;" in the options-part of 
configurationfile on every secondary in order to let them do less IXFRs 
at a given time. But to my (negative) surprise it didn't helped at all. The
number of IXFRs didn't changed nor are they better spread over a bigger
amount of time (which I hoped to gain from this change).

Is there any other possibility to reduce the number of IXFR in a given
amount of time?

Or is there another idea? (No, I have no bigger server to use)

Thanks for any help,
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