nsupdate .jnl files and flushing

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Mon May 7 23:48:21 UTC 2007

> I was wondering if there is any setting/tweak to get Bind9 to write 
> the .jnl file any faster than 'when it gets around to it'...I am sure 
> there is some specific time, but it always seems to vary for me.

	UPDATES are task locked.  A UPDATE request does not complete
	until the .jnl file is written.  UPDATEs for a zone are
	processed serially and through put is disk i/o dependent.
> I have noticed if a client is updating bind9 too fast, bind9 will 
> accept the updates but never answer with the new IP until I do an 
> RNDC FLUSH or restart named...

	Once the UPDATE completes it is available.  "rndc flush" has
	no impact on the authoritative side of named.
> so, I was looking for a tweak or something to work around this.
> As long as there is a decent interval within the nsupdates, there is no issue.
> -JD
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