resolve external and internal Domains.

Mohamed Navas V abusam at
Mon May 14 05:28:13 UTC 2007

> First mistake that you are making is that the servers used by your
> resolver provide any "fail-over" type function.  As Mark identified,
> the resolving servers should be capable of resolving all queries
> asked of them.  If one provides an answer of "nothing found", the
> other won't be asked.  There is no "fail-over" or "ask one first then
> the other" type functions by the resolver.

So I need to rethink with my concept ...So it's sure, with the entries of
both internal name server and ISP name server we cannot resolve both
internal and external at a time ...!!

> One more thing, the internal name server is behind firewll and not
> > connecting to the Internet.
> Given that the internal name server won't be able to answer queries
> for DNS info from the Internet, and that this internal server will be
> providing an answer for external DNS info of "I can't find anything",
> then how would you propose this system to function?
> As a suggestion, why not configure your internal DNS server to query
> external DNS servers, or at least forward queries to the one external
> DNS server that you are currently using?  If you cannot reconfigure
> your internal DNS server, then why not set up a second internal DNS
> server that can query both the internal server for it's authoritative
> information and forward all other queries to the external server.

We have the plan to provide the setup with just one internal name server, so
ging to prpose one more server for this purpose ...


Mohamed Navas

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