logging "successes"

Lisa Casey lisa at jellico.net
Mon May 14 16:56:04 UTC 2007


I'm running Bind 9.3.0 on FreeBSD. I've noticed that when there is a failure 
of some sort, it gets logged in /var/log/messages, such as these two:

May 14 07:57:17 netlink named[294]: client zone 
transfer '185.191.207.in-addr.arpa/IXFR/IN' denied

May 14 10:32:17 netlink named[294]: reloading configuration failed: failure
May 14 10:32:34 netlink named[294]: /etc/namedb/named.conf:129: missing ';' 
before '}'

But when I fixed this, and these two events now suceed, nothing is logged. I 
can tell when a rndc reload succeeds because I don't get an error message 
when I issue the command, but it would still be nice to have a confirmation 
of that logged. Same with the zone transfer - the error  message in the logs 
isn't happening anymore, so I assume my zone transfers are now taking place, 
but it would be nice to have a log confirmation of that.

Can I have Bind log these successes or is that just not the way it happens?


Lisa Casey


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