4 DNS servers, 1 BIND9 slave, 2 BIND8.4 slaves, 1 BIND8 master

John Wobus jw354 at cornell.edu
Mon May 14 20:51:29 UTC 2007

I'm very confused.

Did Bind 8 really have rndc?
How did the slave server know you were allowed to reload this new zone?
How did the slave server know the master server's IP address?

John Wobus
Cornell CIT

On May 14, 2007, at 1:05 PM, Ian Savoy wrote:

> The issue i am having is regarding zone transfers between my bind9 
> slave
> and my bind8 master.  It appears that i have to manually add the zone 
> in
> named.conf on my slave before the rndc utility will update the domain
> after it's created on the master.  My normal procedure was as follows
> before the upgrade:
>    1. add zone to named.conf on master
>    2. create zone file for domain being added
>    3. run 'rndc reload domain.com' on the master
>    4. run 'rndc reload domain.com' on the slave
> These steps would normally result in updating the zones on the slave as
> well, WITHOUT having to manually add a line in named.conf, however now 
> i
> have to do the following:
>    1. add zone to named.conf on master
>    2. create zone file on master
>    3. run rndc reconfig on master
>    4. add zone to named.conf on bind9 slave
>    5. run rndc reload on slave
> Questions:
>    1. Would i have this problem if i upgraded my master to BIND9?
>    2. Is there a workaround, or another way of doing this.
> This problem started after a migration, however it was a very smooth
> migration, and there are no configuration differences on the servers,
> i.e. the settings on the old bind8 slave are the same on the bind9 
> slave
> that replaced it - thus, this is not a misconfiguration as far as i can
> tell.
> Thanks in advance,
> -Ian
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