rndc: 'reload' failed: out of memory

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Thu May 17 15:45:11 UTC 2007

By default, FreeBSD limits the maximum memory per process to 512MB.

If you haven't already, look into adjusting /boot/loader.conf values to
something similar to:

kern.maxdsiz="1073741824" # 1GB
kern.dfldsiz="1073741824" # 1GB
kern.maxssiz="134217728" # 128MB

Be sure to take into account your memory size and read the appropriate
documentation about adjusting these values before doing so.

Dmitry Rybin wrote:
> Hello! I have some problems with bind 9.4.0 and 9.4.1. After some hours 
> of work I cant reload bind.
> dns1# rndc reload
> rndc: 'reload' failed: out of memory
> messages:
> reloading configuration failed: out of memory
> could not mark server as lame: out of memory
> Using FreeBSD 5.4/6.2. bind build with -DISC_MEM_USE_INTERNAL_MALLOC=1

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