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kalyanasundaram S wrote:
> Hi all,
>   Cant we start the dns server with out rootserver info. (root.hints) If i completely delete this file dns fails to come up. I wanted to resolve only the internal name. I dont want to resolve other names (like, 
> I have seen in the code as well in some place these root server info being hard coded. What for that being used? 
> Thanks,
>   -"kalyan"

In /etc/named.conf

# zone "." in {
#   type hint;
#   file "/etc/root.hint";
# };

zone "." in {
   type master;
   file "";

In the file

.         7200    IN      SOA     myserver. admin.myserver. 2007051501 7200 7200 604800 7200
.         3600    IN      NS      myserver.
myserver. 86400   IN      A

replace myserver with the name of your server. Dont forget the "." at the end.
Insert your ip address.

Maybe this is not optimum, because now your server answers every query.
For all queries outside you domain it returns NDXOMAIN.

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