SPF on 9.4.1 now?

Michael Milligan milli at acmeps.com
Mon May 21 14:36:56 UTC 2007

Mark Andrews wrote:
> 	No.  You use it *instead* of TXT record.  There is no need
> 	to dual publish the data.  Anyone that really cares about
> 	SPF will upgrade their clients.

As a practical matter, I must respectfully disagree.  It will be some
time before everyone gets a chance to upgrade, and the timeout issue
with looking up SPF from some DNS server sets (not BIND or MS
implementations far as I can tell) is a significant issue.  This timeout
issue could, of course, be a firewall issue...  anyway, it has a
significant impact on high-volume (for various definitions of "high")
mail sites.  And thus is ultimately off-topic for this list.  FIN.

E.g., massivebonus.net


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