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> I would like to set up BIND so that is resolved by all
> my local computers and leave the rest of DNS to those nice and handy
> numbers that my ISP provides.

OK, per your request, simple instructions. Read a book if you want to
understand them.

Assume that the Unix box running BIND has the IP address and
that the local network had the IP prefix Assume that
your domain is Assume that the name servers of your
Internet access provider are and

On the Windows box, configure the name server to be This
can be done through DHCP or manually in the Control Panel (do not ask
me questions about Windows).

On the Unix box, named.conf should contain:

options {

    // Do not be wide-open
    allow-recursion {; };
    // BIND >= 9.4 only!
    allow-query-cache {; };
    // TODO: use views for better security 

    // When queried about domains I'm not authoritative for, ask my
    // access provider
    forwarders {;;


// The local zones
zone "" {
        type master; 
        file "/etc/bind/";

And /etc/bind/ contains:

; Share what you know, learn what you don't
@                       IN      SOA     ns1 (
                                        2007052301      ;serial
                                        21600   ;refresh (6 h)
                                        3600    ;retry (1 h)
                                        3600000 ;expire (41 days)
                                        86400 ); minimum (1 d)
                        IN      NS      ns1

; After the ancillary data, now come the real and useful data

                        IN      MX      100  mail

; Replace the question marks by the IP address of your Web server
www                     IN      A       ????

> Do I set up BIND to serve up the local domain and somehow point BIND
> to the other DNS servers

That's what I did.

> - do I do that through DHCP 

I do not know an easy way to do that so I hardwired the forwarders.

> I don't wish to slow down normal web traffic by having it query my
> server for every single web page that is served to my computers.

Unless your Unix box is *very* slow and your Internet connection
*very* fast you will instead make the Web traffic faster by having a
local BIND, with its cache.

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