Thinking about keeping latest bind releases, cvs and bug tracker non-public

Adam Tkac atkac at
Tue May 29 18:33:31 UTC 2007

Hi all (especially ISC people :) ),

I did some thinking about current ISC policies. Let me write my opinions 
about this. Keeping latest source more close is not so good. Always 
exists many people who are interested in new features and like finding 
bugs + filling bugreports :) . After this process fresh stable releases 
is more and more stable that releases which is based on wild and 
untested code. Testers and stable servers could enjoy. It's close with 
anonymous cvs access. Patches could be immediately tested and interested 
developers could contributing + sending patches and be more up2date with 
upstream. Keeping bug tracker non-public is good only on 
security-related reports. Always exists developer who is interested in 
BIND and want help with development and he could see bugreport, create 
fix and send it for review. There could also exists mailing list which 
could care about development-related discussions (like bind-workers). 
This approach works. And is much more efficient than current ISC policy. 
It would be good if someone could explain me why things are done like now.

Regards, Adam

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