memory leak or other problem

David Filion df at
Mon Oct 1 12:25:23 UTC 2007

David wrote:
> Andrew Armstrong wrote:
>> I have a strange problem with my bind servers where the process runs 
>> great until the memory usage gets very high. I am running CentOS 4.5 and 
>> the latest version of Bind for that distribution bind-9.2.4-24. On one 
>> of my servers there is not enough RAM in the system and about every 24 
>> hours I have to restart the bind server. After I restart everything runs 
>> great until I get to about 80% memory usage.
>> The same problem happens on my other 2 servers but they have 2 and 4 GB 
>> of memory so this takes much longer. When the memory usage gets to 
>> around 80% or more the dns server stops responding and I get a 
>> notification from my nagios monitoring system.
>> Has anybody experienced this and if so what have you done to fix it? I 
>> would like to just let these servers run and not have to worry about 
>> them. I do realize I could just restart them every day but this is only 
>> gonna work as long as they don't have to be restarted more then once a 
>> day which for now is ok. I would like to find a more permanent solution 
>> and more insight into what is causing this.
>> Thanks for any help. I searched google long and hard and have not found 
>> anything that really helped.
> We are seeing something similar on one our SLES 10 boxes 
> (bind-9.3.2-17.15).  The server in question is a secondary DNS.  Every 
> 40 minutes it gets reloaded to pick up any new zones.  named's memory 
> foot print just keeps growing until it stops responding.
> The primary DNS server, also SLES 10 - same bind version, does not show 
> this problem.  Unlike the secondary DNS server, the primary DNS server 
> only gets reloaded by hand, not automatically.
> I've disabled the automatic reloads on the secondary dns to see if it is 
> the cause of the problem.
> I'll try lowering the TTL and setting the memory cache size as Florian 
> Weimer suggested and see if it makes and improvement.
> As a side note, I just noticed that with every DNS message getting 
> logged (FORMERR, lame server resolving, SERVFAIL, etc) the memory 
> footprint is growing.
> David Filion

Any updates on this issue?  One of our DNS stopped responding and Bind 
needed to be restarted to get it answering again.

David Filion

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