how much ram is needed?????

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Wed Oct 3 22:51:14 UTC 2007

--On October 2, 2007 8:48:10 PM -0400 Kevin Darcy <kcd at> 

> What makes you think that? On my Solaris 9 boxes, with 4Gb, hosting
> about 5100 zones containing about 52,000 records, but which are also
> performing recursive Internet DNS resolution (in a separate view of
> course) for web/mail connectivity, etc., the "sar -r" command tells me
> my freemem is stable and I'm basically not swapping at all.

To provide another datapoint...  I have an authoritative server with a 
single zone containing over 7 million records (RBL data), and while BIND 
doesn't handle it too well (reload the zone causees bind to hang for a 
while), once it parses all that data the running bind process is only 
around 900 Megs.

My more "normal" servers have about 490 total zones (forward and reverse) 
with about 125K records total, and bind is using less then 20 Megs of 

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