having single file for many zones

Robert Spangler lazydog at zoominternet.net
Fri Oct 5 21:30:24 UTC 2007

On Fri October 5 2007 09:05, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>  > Is there a way to have a single zone file for all those domain
>  > names.
>  Very easy. Several solutions:
>  1) Use only one zone file, with all the content in it being relative
>  (i.e. using @ instead of the zone name, not adding the zone name and
>  the final dot, etc). Then use, a symbolic link on the master name
>  server.

Don't you mean have a single file and then point all the zones in named.conf 
at that single file?

Forgive me if I mis-understood you.



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