memory leak or other problem

JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 jinmei at
Thu Oct 4 09:26:47 UTC 2007

At Thu, 4 Oct 2007 10:55:05 +0200,
Adam Tkac <atkac at> wrote:

> > > Any updates on this issue?  One of our DNS stopped responding and Bind 
> > > needed to be restarted to get it answering again.
> > 
> > I'd first suggest migrating to BIND 9.4 or later, because prior
> > versions rely on libc malloc (by default), which can perform very
> > poorly depending on the library implementation details.
> I don't think so. malloc() implementation will be problem on Solaris
> box but SLES (I think it uses glibc implementation) should not have
> any problems.

I was probably not clear enough, but I didn't intend to insist libc
malloc performs poorly for all systems by saying "can perform poorly"
and "depending on the details".  I tried to make a general
recommendation independent of the system since different OSes have
been mentioned in this thread (at least including FreeBSD, some
versions of its libc malloc actually performs poorly).

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