DNS Behavior

Pablo L. Arturi parturi at bairesweb.com
Mon Oct 15 21:30:21 UTC 2007

> No, it is not.  K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET is not a root server. You can get
> the list of root name servers with "dig NS ." (".", the dot, being the
> root).
> > Why for google.com.ar (or any other .com.xx domain) the answer
> > doesn't comes from "athea.ar" (country specific root server) for
> > example?
> I do not see what could be a "country specific root server".
> Otherwise, the difference between the ".com" name servers and the
> ".ar" name servers comes simply from the fact that the ".com" name
> servers (wrongly) send the answer in the Answer section, while the
> ".ar" name servers, like most of the sensible name servers put it in
> the Authority section, since they are not authoritative for the
> data. I would say "blame Verisign".

I was referring to "country specific root servers" to the ones which handles
this domains (.ar). Are they called Country top level domains servers? sorry
the confusion.

What I mean, for example:

for .ar domains, a dig google.com.ar NS +trace goes to the authoritative
nameserver (ns1.google.com), which means that if the NS authoritative of
google.com.ar are down, you won't get the NS records.
for .com domains, a dig google.com NS +trace goes to the *.GTLD-SERVERS.NET,
which means that if the NS authoritative for google.com are down, you'll get
the NS anyway (configured in the registrar).

it only happens when you query the NS records for a domain name, if you
query any other fqdn type, it goes to the authoritative nameserver.

I realize of this becase I was trying to do a small program to verify which
NS a domain has configured in the registrar and compare them with the
records configured in the auth servers.

As I can think, getting NS from the registrar is useful, but the question
would be: How can I get NS records from the registry for .ar or any other
ctld domains? (country top level domains?)

So the problem comes from Verisign sending its resposes in the answer

Do you know how can I workaround what I need?

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